Welcome! My new website and COVID-19 news

by | Aug 3, 2020 | News | 15 comments

Hello and welcome to my brand new blog! Let me refrain from boring announcements about what will be going on here in the future – I don’t really know and will be guided by how often something prompts me to blog. 

This blog is part of my new website. I had arranged for a new professional design in February, not long before Corona hit us all. The pandemic has prolonged the work on the website, and at the same time it has posed a challenge of writing the texts to fit the new situation. The result is a little act of balance: On the one hand I didn’t want a “Corona dominatrix website” displaying loads of online activities because I actually really like my personal, tactile, olfactory, Super Dooper HD audio-visual sessions. On the other hand you will find a lot of references to the fact that personal meetings are very restricted at the moment, as well as to the other ways of getting into contact with me at the moment. 

THANK YOU to all of you who have asked me how I have been doing during the last few months! Some also offered their support which was really nice. Fortunately, my personal Corona-story isn’t a tragedy: I was doing just fine financially, and the emotional toll of dealing with so much less interpersonal contact was smaller than I had expected. I even dealt well with going without BDSM. In February, I would have gotten itchy feet if I had to go without an SM-encounter for two weeks. But when mid-March brought certainty that real-time sessions wouldn’t be possible for a long while, I was able to flip a switch and accept it. 

Yet I will not hide from you that I did act out some of my kink energy in other ways during these last months: I had a few really exciting encounters on the phone, kept somebody in a chastity cage slightly longer than he wished for, and had an almost daily email-exchange with a submissive fetishist which went on for a whole month. Probably I should write about these experiences separately some other time. After all, I do want you to feel inspired to get closer to me in one of these ways!

Testimonial for this blog entry: Miss May, the www.fetishwebmistress.com. Working with her was a joy!

Task for passionate pedants and resilient subs: Go on the hunt for typos and give feedback in general: How does my website work for you on the computer, tablet and phone? That would be great! 🙂