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One of my strengths is that I like to explore your mind and join in different kinds of kinks, fetishes, and preferences. I take you seriously if you say you like the tickle of a piece of paper but not that of a feather. Through the years of offering sessions in big dungeons in Germany, I have had a lot of opportunity to do sessions using crazy furniture and equipment, playing together with fellow dommes, and generally coming across many different BDSM-personalities.

Of course, most times people have checked out my personal profile before making their appointments, so I am not going to say I have done and seen everything – which isn’t my ambition anyway. But it helps that I have been curious about where different people are coming from, what their individual motives and fantasies are, and where they want to go.

So, although I have (finally, after several years!) a few core interests to present to you, be assured that I want to create a session with YOU! (I will also tell you very honestly whether and how I want to take part in your specific fantasy or preference.)


Rope bondage, restrictive games of all sorts, and mummification are things I am maybe best known for. I love the sensuality, creativity, and overall power I can experience when I render someone helpless.

I love to make the process a long one so my victim’s mind can follow and understand the completeness of the predicament. Equally I like to start with a fast-paced subjugation scene in which one piece of rope suffices for a quick and uncomfortable hogtie.

Once a victim is secured and sufficiently motionless, I love to add predicaments, electrodes, anal toys, clamps, a beating or bastinado, a smelling torture or gagging experience using my worn garments, a few carefully and hygienically placed needles – whatever suits for the victim and for my current mood. So much is possible!

This is also a good moment to leave my victim to simmer: I might need to collect a few things for further torture, be in the mood for a cup of coffee, or simply rest my feet on my mummy or piece of Shibari art while I scroll through my twitter feed. This gives you the chance to struggle and lustfully submit into the deep space of restriction.

european bondage frl eder


I am not a Shibari artist like the people who created those wonderful images you can see in Shibari art books. Neither are the men I had the chance of practicing and sessioning with small, slender and very bendy women 😉

Of course I know all basic ties and principles. I can confidently bring you into any position I imagine, I can hang you from the ceiling, and I can do all that in a safe manner to prevent nerve damage or worse.

What my victims really like about my ropes, and why they keep coming back for more (and it is wonderful when they do because familiarity opens doors!), is the joy I have doing this, the many variations I like to explore, the mutuality of the scenes.

I believe there is something highly communicative about placing my ropes around somebody like an embrace, tightening a tie, and then touching the places where the skin is exposed, tense and highly susceptible to my fingertips.

There would be so much more to say about these moments when, for me, time seems to stand still.


Mummification or full enclosure is probably the thing where I feel at my most powerful. The techniques can be many:

Foil to cover a body from head to toe to make it into a lovely caterpillar.

Straps or belts or ropes, maybe with a latex catsuit underneath, or a big piece of soft fabric, or a few tight layers of foil, or a latex or leather head mask, or a lovely set of female underwear…

Duct Tape which creates a kind of stiff cocoon/Egyptian coffin (can even be decorated with different coloured tape to resemble anything I want), and pretty much makes the rest of the world inaccessible to the human being enclosed within.

As I said, what I feel most strongly once I have somebody enclosed like that, is power. Omnipotence. I might be extra playful with the equipment I forward-thinkingly placed on neuralgic points of the body inside – or almost forget that it is a person, not just a thing, lying there motionless and waiting patiently until they get freed by me again.


I like to inflict pain. Not pointless pain, or pain “because it has to be like this in BDSM”. Actually I get turned off from inflicting pain when I get the feeling that I am not doing “good” by it, one way or another (I will shortly write about that in my blog). If something doesn’t feel right, I might talk to you about it or pick something else from the menu.

That said, it is hard to list all the ways open to me when it comes to punishment and pain. I do know all the “usual” pain play techniques. You’d better tell me your preferences if you have any, and/or your dislikes, and I will tell you if it resonates with me.

Some things I especially like are hand-spanking (over the knee (OTK) or having you bend over furniture), caning, impact play in general, pinching with my fingers and short finger nails, using clamps or electro, treating the nipples, and especially treating the genitalia (CBT).


What happens once you are in my grip –whether because I tied you up or because you handed over control to me by receiving a collar, for instance? I am very imaginative and well versed at the same time, so instead of writing up a list, let me just highlight a few things. They may or may not happen during a session!

Anal play: I have always had a fascination for this part of the male body. So I know very well what’s going on in there. I know where your prostate is, how to use a strap on to maximum impact and pleasure (I have many sizes too), and what happens once I fist you. I am only medium experienced in deep fisting though.

Oh yes, urethral play has a very similar appeal to me…

Electro play: What shall I say. It adds so many possibilities to a session, can be used in a pleasurable or punishing way, and enables me to keep you busy while I am not right next to you. I really found my love for it! I own the famous ET312, maybe the strongest electro device out there, plus a smaller one to double the two channels of the ET. The possibilities!

Golden Shower: Yeah, I do that too. When it suits my mood, I am prolific!

I am based in Vienna and travel to dungeons, mostly in Germany.

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