Austrian Fräulein

Dominatrix in Vienna, Austria


This website is dedicated to BDSM in practice and theory, to rope bondage and other restraints, to delicate and well-prepared getaways into our own minds, to S&M stories and chats, and: to ME.

I am Domina The Austrian Fräulein. I like many of the things that you will want to know about: Playing with men, teasing them, hurting them, using them, abusing them in a setting of consent. I also like to write about BDSM and sometimes about sex in general. Maybe that is something you enjoy too. And between doing and writing, I have a strange and insatiable appetite to know – about you and what drives you on.

I am based in Vienna, Austria. Currently that means I stay here and can only be reached under certain circumstances, or remotely. Later on, and at my discretion, I will also travel for meetings.

Please have a look around my webpage and my blog if you want to learn about:
A dominatrix session, shibari, mummification and duct tape, spanking, electro sex, strap on, sex education, me as an online domina and a keyholder, and my bdsm novel.